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Top Real estate Blogs in Nigeria 2021

Best Real Estate Blogs In Nigeria 2021

There are hundreds of real estate property blogs in Nigeria, but talking about the top sites, you need to go the extra mile in search. You probably have heard that line, “many are called but few are chosen.” That’s exactly what we are about doing, that’s using the filters.

Since it may seem difficult for you to have a search yourself, we have decided to lift the load off your shoulders. So, having said all that, let’s jump right into the best real estate blogs in Nigeria.

1. Naija Houses

Naija houses among property blogs in Nigeria ranks one of the best. It is a real estate blog that is based in Lagos, Nigeria. However, they provide their services all over the country.

The site provides a conducive platform where realtors and developers list their properties for sales, rent and lease. It has built trust over the years thereby giving buyers and clients the confidence needed to put in the huge amount involved in the industry.

Everyone knows the risk involved in purchasing properties in Nigeria. The scam is a big factor if you are conversant with the property market in Nigeria. Naijahouse will save you the stress and trauma of losing your hard-earned money. So, you can identify with them and go to sleep.

On this platform, they don’t only list properties, they will bring your property to people who need and can afford them. This they achieve through massive publicity and marketing. With this blog, you have a one-stop-shop for both buyers and sellers of real estate in Nigeria without the fear of being swindled. Read more about them at

1. EucarlRealty

EucarlRealty is another property blog based in Lagos Nigeria, but also covers other cities in the country. This means that they don’t only list properties in Lagos, but other cities in Nigeria. This portal consults for properties in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Enugu, Calabar, Jos, etc.

Their major job is connecting real estate buyers to the best and affordable residence, shop and office spaces they can ever find. EucarlRealty has strong links with professionals and trusted estate agents who can also advise you on the best place to put your money.

What this means is that you can be served on the go online or offline through agents. The property portal understands that some people feel insecure online, and they made the arrangement to cover their interests.

The site has massive listings of different estates for different purposes. They have properties for rent, lease and outright sell. With this, you have many options to choose from.

Eucarlrealty also has opportunities for individuals who want to start real estate business. If you are already in the business but wants to grow. What if you are just starting out, this site could be the best plug for you.

They know that the huge fund involved in the business can scare the daredevil out of some people. So, they are standing in the gap for such a person. Read more at

3. Nigeria Property Listhub

Nigeria Property List hub, also known as Plisthub is a certified real estate portal. It is based in the Lekki part of Lagos. However, just like others, it has satisfied and happy clients all over Nigeria.

The site offers the following services: Rental of shops, office spaces, homes, open spaces, flats etc, on behalf of the property owners. While they have properties for short term rents like Airbnb, they also have a long period arrangement.

Plisthub is an online marketplace as part of their services to give massive promotion to properties in a way of driving revenue and satisfaction for their diverse clients. They list plots of land, duplexes, bungalows, complexes, etc for sale.

Worthy of note is that Plisthub verifies properties offline before they are listed on their platform. That way, they can be sure their clients are safe . This is one factor you can consider whenever you want to start using their services. Read more at

4.Nigeria property zone 

Nigeria property zone is a Nigerian property listing website. providing  properties for sale & rent in Nigeria , Nigeria property zone is listed in the top 30 real estate blogs in Nigeria by a global popular blogger network

Nigeria property zone is a marketing partner with and, 

Nigeria property zone provides property listing and consultancy services to private property owners, agents and developers.

5. Joe Nigeria

Joe Nigeria is yet another top-rated real estate blog in Nigeria. As you can see the first three we discussed are located in Lagos. But Joe Nigeria is based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

It is a subsidiary of Osaka Enterprises and Allied services Ltd. The blog is partnering with over 40 biggest real estate firms in the country. These include but are not limited to the following: PWAN Group, Billionaire Realtors, Property Baron Network.

This is one of the reasons they have been involved in the sales of hundreds of properties, and still have others hundreds listed all over Africa. With this, we can make bold to say that, so far, Joe Nigeria is the first to cover Africa among the best 5 under our review. Read more about

6. Property Pro

Property Pro is another leading real estate blog in Nigeria 2021. It is a real estate rental, sales and advisory firm that is operating from Lagos Nigeria. Although, just like other blogs already explained, their activities are not concentrated in Lagos alone.

As an online property company, it also has partners all over Nigeria. With several real estate firms and agents representing them in the other cities of Nigeria, they have able field men to do the offline jobs.

So, with that settled, their primary function is the promotion of those properties to a wider audience. They also engage in the purchase and rental advisory roles. That is, advising clients which comprise buyers, developers, property owners etc.

One of the unique features of property pro is that they also engage in interior decoration. The services other blogs discussed doesn’t offer. While they also have field workers for this service, the blog is used to promote and sell them to prospective customers.

According to their website, the properties listed on their portal are over 60,000 properties nationwide already. That’s quite massive if you ask me.

One of the reasons why they are rated one of the best in the country is that they verify not just the properties but also the agent before listing or working with them. They have a system that runs due diligence on people and estates and enables them to list the safest of them all.

You see why they are ranked among the best in the country. According to their website, they are open for business to real estate firms that are ready to do business. You can learn more by logging into their website property. ng.

It’s worthy to note that one thing that’s common with the sites discussed is their nationwide influence despite situating in one city. If you got to this stage of this piece, you probably learnt a lot. Please let us hear how the article has affected you. As you air your view, you can like, share and subscribe to our blog down below. Thanks for visiting.

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