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The cost of building a five  storey building in Nigeria



God has blessed you, and you want to erect a beautiful house in Nigeria. After so much thought about it, you chose that you would like to erect a five-story building. But you are eager to know the cost so far. You’re at the right place. This article is for you. It emphasizes the cost of building a five-storey building.

The essence of this article is to give you insight into the cost associated with a five-storey  building.

Before further clarity, let’s discuss what storey building is all about because it will widen your knowledge on the main topic.

When you hear anything concerning storey building, what should come into your mind is that it is any level part of a building with a floor that people can live in either for work, shelter, storage or recreation.

The storey building can be 1,2,3 to any height you might need yours to attain.

The storey building varies on the choice of persons and their financial status or need


You might ask, “How can I know a five-storey building? Keep going through this article.

A 5-storey building, as the name implies, Is a type of building that has the height of each floor is based on the height of the ceiling.

The thickness of the floor also Is between each glazing. Generally, it is always about 14 feet (4.3m). It has five upstairs.

The depth of a foundation of a 5-storey building isn’t related to its height, But the bearing capacity of the soil and the possibility of frost is.

Also, there is no established depth of its foundation. It varies on the building plan.

The footing depth has a minimum of 7′ (2m), which is beneath the ground level for isolated footing shallow foundation gravel and sand soil with higher bearing capacity. The footing size should be 7′ × 7′ × 7′ (2m × 2m × 2m) with a minimum column size of 12” × 18”.


I have answered your question. Let’s move to the Price list of building materials in Nigeria.


Cement prices in Nigerian Market

Dangote cement 50kg #5000 to #5,300

Elephant cement 50kg #4,800 to #5,000

Ibeto cement 50kg #4,000 to #4,500

Ashaka cement #3,500 to #4,000

Wapco cement #4,000 to #4,500

Sokoto cement #4,000 to #4,800


Asbestos ceiling 1 sheet #400 and to #500

Roofing tiles _stone coated #6,000 to #10,000

Aluminum roofing sheet from Nigeria #1500 and above.


Blocks Prices in Nigeria

Nine inches vibrated  N400

Six inches vibrated N250

Nine inches hand mold N200

Six inches hand mold N150


Steel rods Prices in Nigerian Market


25mm full length #15,000 to #20,000 N500,000

20mm full length #10,000 to #15,000 #450,000

16mm full length #7,000 to #10,000 etc


Sharp sand 10T #30,000 to #45,000

Plaster sand 10T #25,000 to 28,000

Filling sand #7,000 to #10,000


Granite 10T #40,000 to 60,000

Washed stone 10T #35,000 to #40,000

None washed 10T #23,000 to #30,000

Stone dust 10T #45,000


Hard wood Prices in Nigeria Market

2by2 #400 to #500

2by3 #550 to #600

2by4 #600 to #700

2by5 #700 to #850

Resin coated plywood #7,500 to #8,000

Prices of tiles differs. There are many types of tiles such as floor tiles, wall tiles, etc. Tiles come from different textures, sizes, quality and designs.

Granite prices

30by30 #5,000 to #5,000

40by40 #5,500 to #5,800

60by60 #7,000 to #7,500

Concrete prices

³/⁴ inch #90,000 to #100,000

¹/² inch #90,000 to #100,000

Granite stone dust is between #55,000 to #60,000


Nails prices in Nigerian market

1 pack of 3 inch concrete nail #850 to #1,500

1 pack full of 2 inch concrete nail #950 to #1500

1 bag of 2 inch nails is about #6,000 to #6,500

1 bag of 3 inch nails #7,000 to #7,300

1 bag of 1 inch nail is #6,000 to #6,500

1 bag of 4 inch nail is #6,500 to #7,000


Prices of windows in Nigerian Market

Window price list

Windows differs. We have different types of window such as casement windows, sliding windows, fixed windows, louvre windows. All these types of windows varies in prices.

Door prices

Domestic furniture door N6,000 to N9,000

Flush plywood door #6,500 to #8,500

Flush plywood door #8500 to #15,000

Chinese door # 25,000 to #30,000

Turkey door #30,000 to #45,000

Imported security door #35,000 to #40,000

Metal security door #22,000 to #30,000

Just to mention few building materials. Look at the estimation, without being told, you should know that the price of building materials have increased




The cost of building a five-storey building in Nigeria

Most times, the house owners have little or no knowledge of the cost of their building. This article was written to get full details on the cost of a five-storey building in Nigeria.

Remember that the cost calculation differs from the site where the house would be erected.

To erect a five-storey building in Nigeria,  you have to consider the  factors, which are as follows:

Location of the property: The amount spent to transport the materials used for the building is unique. It depends on the distance. For instance, you want to erect your building in Lagos State, and your property is located in Akwa Ibom State. You could see that it will cost you more money than the person whose property is in the same state.

Cost of building materials around the site: The cost of building materials varies on where you want to erect your house. We have urban and rural areas. The cost of building materials is cheaper in the village. But you would not like to live in a village. You will bring it to the town to feel comfortable and still run your business enterprises. Because of these reasons, you will spend more money buying building materials.


Quality of building materials: Good quality building material costs more but lasts longer, while inferior building materials are less expensive but it doesn’t last. You have the rest to choose the one you want. But remember that when you buy cheaper building materials for building, your house might collapse during heavy wind. But if you go for good quality ones, you spend more money which is very decent.


Charges of professionals: Charges vary on the builders’ competency and time spent on the work. To build a five-story building, you need to hire professionals that will not make mistakes. Not everyone knows how to build story houses. That is why you’re for competent ones.  But you will pay more money to professionals than to amateur builders.


Height at which the house might attain:  A 5 storey house is higher than a four-storey house which may require more blocks and facilities.

All these factors affect the cost of building a five-storey building.

To build a five-storey building, the first thing you do is purchase land. The cost of the land varies from the location. Suppose it is in towns like Abuja, Port Harcourt, etc., you keep thirty to forty million naira. The house should not be compacted. You would like to have a swimming pool, playground, etc., that makes your place enjoyable. Lands are cheaper in villages. If you want to erect in a village like urum in awka, at least between  thirty to thirty five million  naira ,can get you a land in an already developed area, depending on the plots of land you need.

This breakdown involves the cost of land. It doesn’t include mechanical or electrical requirements, finishes and construction as a whole.

After purchasing your land in the desired location.

Then you consider these factors mentioned above. You look into the designs of building includes:

Formwork design (#60,000 to #100,000)

Staircase design (# 40,000 to #70,000)


Deep beams ( #30,000 to #40,000)

Slabs ( 200,000 to 500,000)

building constructions like:

Excavation, layout and foundation.

Column casting.

Slab, beam, shuttering and casting.

Keys in columns.

Expansion joint.

Water bar

Binding materials.

Before all these are taken care of, you might spend close to 3 million naira. Before cement was sold as 2500 as of five years ago, the cost of cement has increased to #5000 and above, which varies on the place you got it.

If you already own a land, then expect to spend anywhere between thirteen to fifteen million naira and presently in Nigeria. If the land size is three hundred  to six hundred Square meters ,your professional approach to it matters.


Usually there will be basements over a large area because of underground construction if you like. You can add like #500,000 for the underground floors of 500 meters each.

To build a 5 storey building varies a lot.

According to my Intensive research, i discovered that it would take an average range of thirty  to thirty five  millions of naira before you could erect a very attractive 5 storey building.

After building, you would like to paint it which can cause you not less than #500,000 only if you prefer quality paints.



Erecting a 5 storey building requires a considerable amount of money. It takes time as well. Build it also need a competent worker who can give you want you to want. If you hire unskilled workers, they might end up giving you what you don’t need in your building. The cost varies depending on the person and the location of the building.




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