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House renting in Nigeria has become so popular that it is one of the ways of investing your hard earned money ,it comes mostly with high return on investment.

There are categories of houses ,that is although popular with people but yet confuses many .

In this post we shall distinguish the following categories of houses, these categories of houses has the  highest number of demand any where in Nigeria.

In our Experience and records ,the most demanded houses in Nigeria are:

i. Single rooms

ii. Self Contain

iii. Mini flat

The demands for these categories of houses in Nigeria, is due to the usefulness to the middle and low class in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the numbers of house hunters for these are so much , this is because most users are artisans, students, graduates, singles ,unemployed and new couple , these categories of people are high in numbers in Nigeria society.


Most people confuse single rooms with self contain, a single room is a room with no provision for inbuilt toilet,   bathroom and kitchen ,so you generally see a room ,most times spacious enough, but the toilet and bathroom ,kitchen are not provided for.

In this case, a single room hardly has provision for kitchen ,but there are units of toilets and bathroom outside the rooms.

The landlord normally allocates a unit of toilet and bathroom for two tenants to use, in most cases ,the compound might have a lot of tenants living in the compound.

So Generally , you will have one small roofed house used as a kitchen for all the tenants, most times the tenants cook at the veranda of their rooms where there is no provision of kitchen. single rooms are also called face me i face you rooms. Where the landlord built it in such way, that there is rooms opposite each other.

Rental Prices of single rooms in Nigeria

The rental prices of single rooms in Nigeria vary from location and how it was built, most single rooms are not built in popular face me i face you pattern, so in that case, the price might be different.

In Lagos mainland you can get single rooms from 12,000 per year to 70,000 per year, the agency and agreement fees are usually priced from N30,000 to N40,000.

In Lagos island, you can get single rooms from 30,000 per year to 120,000 per year depending on whether it is lekki or Ikoyi, which might rise to 150,000 per year.


A self contain room in Nigeria, is built for comfort and leisure of the tenant, the landlord builds this for purpose of giving the tenants comfort, so in this case a self contain has toilet, kitchen and bathroom in the same house, so the owner has a bedroom, and a kitchen space in the other room, then toilet and bathroom takes another small space in the house, the builders are so good to distinguish this from one another in the same house.

The essential feature of a room self contain is that you enjoy some of the essentials of a mini flat except that, you do not have a parlor and visitors room.

A room self contain prices in Lagos mainland and Lagos island

In Lagos island ,there are different room self contain, but prices differ, brand new room self contain in Lagos island goes from 250,000 to 350,000 per annum ,while in Lagos mainland there are self contain for rent at 150k to 300k.



A mini flat in Nigeria consists of one bedroom, parlor , bathroom, toilet ,kitchen and a visitors room in few occasions.

All these are in one single space, for the tenant, the tenant enjoys the incidence of a flat in a mini style.

A mini flat is different from a single room, because it is purposefully built as a small flat, with all the incidence of an apartment except that it has only one bedroom and a parlor, but it is a flat.

Prices of  Mini Flat in Nigeria

Depending on the location, mini flats in Nigeria gives luxury, and comfort, it can house a small family and can be very easy to live in, for a family with less properties.

Moving around in Nigeria, for example one can discover that mini flat is one of the most sought after properties.

Prices of Mini Flat in Nigeria

we are using Lagos state for a case study, the rental value of mini flat in lagos mainland ranges from 250k to 450k per annum

In Lagos island, most of the mini flats brand new ones for example in ajah are 450k to 600k per annum, it might be hard to get mini flat in lagos island for 350k per annum.

Yes depending on the location in lagos island, you can, but few available ones.

In lagos ,securing a place to live is a daunting task, this is because the population keep increasing, the value of available house to live keep going up.

The agency fee and legal fee is also a major challenge most Lagosian face when you desire a new home.







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