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A Governors consent is an approval granted by the Governor of the state in line with section 22 of land Use Act of Nigeria. Under the land laws of Nigeria, All Lands in Nigeria are vested in the Governors of each state of the federation, the Governors are the owners and custodians of lands, they are the landlords of all the lands in the state, everyone else is tenant of the state Government.

Therefore, all lands in the state belongs to the Governor except lands having mineral resources, in line with the provisions of Mineral Resources ACT of Nigeria, all lands with Mineral resources belongs to the federal government, also lands under the federal government before the commencement of the lands use Act belongs to the federal government. If a land is needed by the federal government for any specific purpose, the federal government must pass through the state government to validly acquire the land.

Accordingly, any transfer, sale or assignment of land in any state need to be done with the approval of the governor, every state has a land commissioner, they mostly act in the capacity of the governor, to validate the transfer ,sale or assignment of lands to any buyer.

The rationale behind this, is that the land use Act is a piece of legislation that nationalized all lands in Nigeria, this means that all lands belong to the government of Nigeria, the governors are the landlords and custodians of all lands in Nigeria, there are different titles when it comes to property in Nigeria.

Categories of Property title in Nigeria

In Nigeria there are categories of Property title usually passed at the point of every transaction.

i. Deed of Assignment

Ii. Registered Survey

Iii. Family receipt.

iv. Deed of Conveyance

v. irrevocable power of attorney

VI. Gazette

vii. Excision

viii. Deed of gift

vvii. Deed of sublease.

viiii. Governors consent.

vvd Certificate of Occupancy C of O and Global c of o.

v. Right of Occupancy

vi. Deed of Transfer

in lagos state , to be eligible to apply for Governor’s consent. the land must either have been granted a certificate of occupancy (c of o) before or the land has been released by the government under what is called excision, the gazette is an official government document evidencing the declaration by the state government. the usual application for lands with titles other than c of o and government gazette is to immediately apply for c of o for such property, if the property you intend to acquire has a c of o whether global c of o, or individual c of o, the application you need is Governers consent.

Indirectly if the property is not covered with c of o, you need to apply for it.

How to Apply for Governors consent in Lagos state.

The procedures for Application for Governors Consent in Lagos state are as follows:

i. Submission of Application with attached documents in land services Directorate.

ii. Duly completed land form 1c(sworn to)

iii. Certified true copy of root of title

iv. Deeds/Instrument of transfer (3nos) with chartable survey plans annexed.

v. Passport photograph(4nos) individuals (Applies to assignees only)

Vi. Certificate of incorporation? registration; companies/registered bodies (Applies only to assignee)

vii. Site photographs with date and time

vii. Sites location sketch

vii. Receipt of payment for charting endorsement and form 1c)

vii. Applicants Agents means of identification.

viii. Covering letter with functional telephone number and email address.

ix. Development levy

xi. Sworn Affidavit

xi. stamped and executed copies of the deed (federal inland revenue services or lagos internal revenue service)

xii. Administrative fee

The bureau will receive these documents and then issue a letter evidencing documents received from the applicant.

The subsequent letter will be a demand for Newspaper publication, this will enable the bureau to register the stamped deed, the preferred publication newspaper is the Nation Newspaper.,the publication fee is N20,0000 payable to the lagos state government, with revenue code No-33348,Agency code-23004.

The valid period for objection to the registration is 14 days, after which if there is no objection the transaction is duly registered.


The following taxes are collected by Lagos state government during the process of applying for governors consent;

i.Governor consent fee.

ii.CGT on land services (0.5 percent) of fair market value of property

iii. stamp duty on land services (0.5 percent of fair market value)

iv.Registration fees on land services(0.5 percent) of fair market value.

v. Neighborhood improvement charge (flat rate)

vi. Consent Publication.

The computation of the fees depends on the location, for example a land situate at elegushi royal family iroko awe eti-osa can attract N780K fee for Governors consent fee alone, other fees are not included in this computation.


Having a land or property at lagos is lucretive when you do the proper documentation

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