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What are the real estate investment ideas for big companies in Nigeria?

You may have been asking if  there is still money in the real estate market. Is there a way to make more money in this industry? and perhaps find a more paying business .do i need a mentor ? Absolutely yes! Just find a real estate investment club,estate agencies,and enroll for training. It is one of the smart ways of getting into the property ladder. This article will tell you how it works, whether by joining an existing one or how to set up your own. Please don’t mix it up, real estate business is broad,real estate development,real estate marketing.real estate agency etc.

You might be familiar with the stock investment club model, in which members pool their money to buy stocks and bonds. In  real estate,there is something like that too. investment club, you don’t typically collaborate on investment. Instead, one can become a member,s come together to network this is usually through a coorporative society/ investment club ,with this one can gain knowledge about investment practices, get hot tips about available commercial or rental properties, become familiar with laws and regulations, and understand market trends and how to profit them and trade information about vendors for property improvements and services.

learn how to leverage on locations that are the hot spots,the place people are likely to be interested in. for example in lagos, ibeju lekki is the ideal,because it is the new lagos.

the advantage of joining a club/investment society is that they also come together to get the advice of legal and financial professionals, learn from guest speakers and find a supportive group of like-minded individuals with common goals. Of course you have seen countless advertisement for books and seminars promising to tell you how to make millions now in real estate. Some clubs are little more than thinly veiled plugs for plunging innocent peoples wealth,so join the clubs to  gain insight on such schemes,example some real estate firms upon payment of price of a land will promise allocation in the next five months,no investor will get the allocation.

These metrics are set up by shady developers themselves,the need to join a network ,to understand investment strategies and schemes.


There are many real estate investment clubs to choose from. There are a couple of real estate investment and property development firms offering you property for sale in lagos,here in Lagos and you can search online to get contact details of some of them. However be sure to think about what you want from the club – support, information and motivation are common goals. But they are certainly not the only reason to join. Identify the real purpose of any real estate investment club you consider joining. Attend a few meetings before you pay dues. Ask questions about the group’s founders and their motives for setting up the club. Did they want to invest, or did they want to sell their product? Find out who the members are and what they do. Think about whether what they offer matches your goal. Some more questions to ask would be, is the club set up for education and networking? Is the club for profit or non-profit? Either structure can be legitimate, but you should also know what you are getting into. Also ask, does the club focus on the kind of real estate am interested in? How many serious investors belong to the club? Are they experienced than i am, or are they mostly newbies? You are likely to learn more from experienced investors. Have the club’s investors done well with investments over time? What are dues? Most clubs charge between #50,000 and #100,000 per year. More than that could be the sign of scam, But also take a look.

“Investing in real estate alone is a big step to take. Sometimes club members form partnership. A partnership might help you feel safer about your investments, or it might let you purchase more property than you could alone”

At the club’s other source of money. If the club receives a commission from speakers who sell their products or services, then the information from those speakers might be biased. Slightly higher membership dues mean that you can get unbiased information. Investing in a real estate alone is a big step to take alone. Sometimes club members form partnerships. A partnership might help you feel safer about your investment, or it might let you purchase more property than you could alone. But at least an advisor warns, “Watch out for hole”. Now, what if you cannot find a group? What if any group in your area turns out to be full of hopeful new corners or rookies? You might consider starting your own club.


If you cannot afford the process of registering a club or joining a club, you might consider starting a new real estate investment agency and back it up with real estate marketing. You can define the focus of the agency and seek to attract like-minded members. You will want to reach out to people who have expertise in different fields, But who are motivated to gain or provide knowledge about real estate investment. You will also want to think about the professionals you might invite to speak at your meetings. You can start the process by conducting research. Learn about the purpose of structure of existing clubs. Attend a few meetings to get to feel on how they operate. Consider what they offer their members. Decide how you want your club to be similar to and different from the one you research. Jot down ideas and activities that seem worthwhile. As part of your research, familiarize yourself with key real estate laws and current market conditions. Once you have defined your mission and have a feel for what you want your agency to offer its members, recruit people with expertise in real estate law, finance and accounting, who can provide information, learn their perspective about potential real estate deals to the group. Figure out how the members will stay in touch. You will also need to think about how you want the agency to grow. You can set up a website to market your club, or use popular publications in town to recruit members. It is ok to start small. As an estate agency,your ability to search for your clients requests using valuable keywords like land for sale in ibeju lekki,if your client need something there.

Top locations in lagos-ibeju lekki,ikoyi,lekki phase 1,lekki phase 2, victoria island,magodo,epe,egbeda,Alaba,Ajah,surulere,at the end of undertaking training,you will understand the reason for mentioning these locations.

Register your Agency/investment club,this saves you alot of stress and the threat accustomed with unregistered trades,the housing deficit in Nigeria,makes property for rent a very hot cake,buy/lease to buy  already dilapidated houses,for example in Lagos there are locations that offer these type of houses,Mushin,ajegunle,some part of surulere,makoko,badagry etc,rebuild and collect rents ,monthly rent is the shortest way to receive returns on your can also do hosting for that free room in your apartment.

in essence do not play with short letting in real estate,a house built for millions can start by collecting thousands,that surely is money in the pocket of the developer/owner.


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